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Our Mission Statement: Called to work for all peoples to be in a right relationship with God through Jesus Christ so that together we can share God's love by word and action.





‘We Can Do This’

Well, wasn’t that special?

Out of the clear blue a team of people representing all view points in the current United Methodist disagreements and difficulties over LGBTQI inclusion came out with a plan that put in print what lots of people have been talking about quietly and thinking.
A quick summary of the plan is: One wing (the traditional) of the church will depart to form a new denomination.  Those that remain will figure out how and how much LGBT people will be welcomed and included in the remaining United Methodist Churches.  There are other points and niceties, but this is the essential plan.

It is important to remember this plan is not finished and not even what will happen.  This plan along with a few others (you can see summaries of them here: are on the table and no final decisions will be taken until the General Conference of May 5th -15th, 2020. 

So where does that leave us?  In about the same place as everyone else in the denomination, having more questions than answers.  But I do think there is one thing that unites everyone no matter what they may think about LGBT folks.  That feeling is: ‘We need to stop arguing and get on with the work and life God is calling us to.’

For us here in Butler I think there are a couple of things we need to be focusing on:

  • Drawing closer to God in worship, study, service, and articulating what we believe.
  • Drawing closer to each other because each other is the gift God has given to all of us and we all have stories that need to be heard. 
  • Keep reminding ourselves every day that there are hungry people all around us – both physically and spiritually hungry.  God needs us to be answering the call to feed them – body and soul. 

It would be easy to think the house is falling but I want you to know that I am trusting God for every step of this journey with you all and I am especially trusting God for what is next in our life together.

Pastor Mike

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