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Our Mission Statement: Called to work for all peoples to be in a right relationship with God through Jesus Christ so that together we can share God's love by word and action.





“Start With Why

Before I begin this note I need to say ‘thank you’ to all of you for:

  • All the prayer support to me, each other, and our common ministries.
  • All the creative and persistent ways that you celebrated this holiday season in worship, study, and service to others.
  • The passionate work done to decorate, sing, lead worship, and show up for each other.

It means a lot and it matters, thank you all very much.

As we begin a new year together I want to take a short season and reflect on the ‘why’ behind all this effort.  For three Sundays in January I will offer you my reflections on three key whys we all need to answer in our faith journey: Why Jesus?  Why Church?  Why This Church? (You can share your thoughts by clicking here.)

There are two reasons to ask why of our faith and lives that matters the most (there are lots of other good reasons).  First, having a healthy sense of why we do all this gives you and me the stamina and understanding to see us through times when things do not go well, along with making sure that we are giving our best efforts to the right things for the right reasons.

The second reason why it matters is that there are tons of people who want to know why we do this – the Christian thing – this journey of faith.  People are desperate to be part of people who know who they are, why, and who practice the why in their life with integrity.

As I am preparing for these sermons I am finding the time helpful and important for my own faith and I hope that you will find that too…

Pastor Mike

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