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Our Mission Statement: Called to work for all peoples to be in a right relationship with God through Jesus Christ so that together we can share God's love by word and action.





‘The Rooms Where it Happens’

‘Sitting in church does not make you a Christian any more than sitting in the garage for an hour a week makes you a car.’

Sayings like this make lots of folks smile and nod their heads. 

It mostly makes me want to bang my head on a table.  Not because I have worked in physical churches for 40+ years, but because over those years it has been my privilege to see and be part of people’s lives as they are upheld and changed for the better. 

In the room where we worship, not less than 8 to 10 people share with me in leading God’s people in the ‘people’s work’ of praising and seeking God for ourselves and our world.

In the rooms where Gleaners Thrift Shop and Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry happens the church’s neighbors join with us to give and receive the basics of life in a way that anyone can afford.  What really matters is that we do all we can to welcome people in Jesus’ name. 

In Sunday School and Noah’s Ark rooms adults who care help children and youth to know that in a big and often bewildering world they are held in the love and grace of God.

In a variety of rooms and Zoom boxes there are Bible Studies, a Men’s Group, and three different groups in Spanish, as well as groups seeking addiction recovery and physical health.  The conversations had there are open and honest and I am convinced that through them God is at work in people’s lives. 

Finally, there is what happens outside the rooms.  People are more equipped to live their lives with meaning and purpose every day.  People are encouraged and supported by God’s Spirit in the holy work of being part of the larger community and fulfilling a Divine purpose for life.  It is outside the rooms where people come alongside neighbors in need to do what they need – whether at Red Bird, sharing a meal with someone locally, making a visit, joining a hurricane clean up team, or coming together to make 500 lunches for Eva’s Village and pick up trash in town on Change the World Sunday. 

I am not asking you to believe that the physical church building has a place because I say so, believe it because you are here and from time to time God helps you to see it for yourself – but to get that you have to be in ‘The Room Where It Happens’. 

Pastor Mike

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