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Our Mission Statement: Called to work for all peoples to be in a right relationship with God through Jesus Christ so that together we can share God's love by word and action.





“What Do You Say?”

This week at Butler UMC the following things are happening…

People gathered for worship and to hear a Red Bird Mission Participant from another church share his story and then a portion of the community worshipped in Spanish.

Food is being distributed to 30+ households through our Food Pantry and during the week, two carloads of baked goods and breads donated from BJs will be given out.

Gleaners Thrift Shop will handle at least 1,000 items from the moment they are donated until they are sold and taken from the building.

Noah’s Ark Preschool will hear the squeals of little voices as they play and learn.

Groups of people from the Butler community will meet under the church’s roof seeking recovery, support, and a healthier way to live in NA, Al-Anon, Alateen, and Zumba.

People will sit together to study the Bible and talk about their lives.

What do you see in all that?  A great return on investment?  A church doing what it is supposed to?  Or perhaps you see it as something ‘nice’ that you deeply hope you never have to get involved in. 

I choose to see all these things we do as us living out the truths about our lives that God has given us to live and prosper with.  Worship can be ‘one more thing to do’ or it can be the intentional time you take to stop the madness of 21st century life and focus on God and your own soul, and hear the discoveries of another soul.  Noah’s Ark, Youth Ministry, and Sunday School are a statement that God has entrusted these children to us for a time and that we come alongside them to shape and inspire their faith and character.
Gleaners and the Food Pantry and a statement of faith that our God specializes in the old becoming new again; whether it is clothing, household goods,  or  food, and  that  our sharing of those gifts with our neighbors is not optional but at the heart of what it means to be the church.  In the same way we open our doors to the Butler Community because it allows us to be an influence and to practice the Biblical hospitality of Jesus who did not consider heaven too good for us but came to earth so we could have heaven.

Church, it can just be one more ‘thing to do’ or it can be the place where glad and generous hearts unite together to live the faith we share and give that faith away to a hurting world.

Pastor Mike

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