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Easter and April Fools Perfect Together!!

Easter on April 1st.

If you are cynical you could say that both days take advantage of how gullible people can be and that Jesus’ disciples and followers have perpetuated the biggest April fool’s joke of all time.

But you know, I think there is more to the story than that.  For instance:

  • Why would Jesus followers so willingly give themselves to suffering and death to keep a joke going?
  • When was the last time a joke inspired people to serve their neighbors in need, at great cost to themselves?
  • Would you give yourself and your resources to a movement that is just kidding?

No, and I wouldn’t either.  I think this is what sets the resurrection of Jesus apart.  The resurrection has caused people to be able to face and live with their worst moments (think Peter).  The resurrection has changed the path of people’s lives (think Paul).  The people who are the followers of the Risen Jesus have conquered empires without picking up a weapon, have built places where art, learning, music, and great community happen,  have been on the picket lines when that was needed, and have gone to places of great poverty and even danger and they were unafraid.

I don’t think the resurrection is a joke and I don’t think the people who follow the risen Jesus are fooling themselves or anyone else either.

It is the remarkable fact at the center of who we are – we are Jesus followers and He Is Risen!

Pastor Mike

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