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Our Mission Statement: Called to work for all peoples to be in a right relationship with God through Jesus Christ so that together we can share God's love by word and action.





"Are you done with that??"

At Red Bird Mission I have a pet peeve. 

When people are assigned to clean up after breakfast or lunch they go through the serving line first so they can be ready to begin the clean up and move on with their day.  I tend to be one of the last people through the line and so am eating when the clean up has begun.

Well-meaning people will walk up to my table and ask, ‘Can I take that for you / Are you done with that?’

I mostly manage a smile and to say, ‘Not yet.’  Not always, sometimes my irritation will leak out and the offending person will beat a hasty retreat.

It is incredibly tempting to be self-righteous and annoyed at people just doing what they were asked to do.  They can’t help it if I am last in line and a slow eater. 

It is the price we all pay to form the one week ‘intense and intentional’ community we call Red Bird Mission each July. 

I guess what it makes me wonder is, ‘How much would your give up, compromise, adapt, make room for, put up with other people’s needs, quirks, situation in life in order to form a more intentional and intense faith community?  How much would you give for this church to be a life shaping, life changing, and vibrant place?

One of the things that Red Bird teaches me every summer is that life and our faith are full contact sports, you can’t really do them well without other people…and all the challenges those other people pose.

I think that is the way God made us and it is clear that Jesus understood that in the disciples he picked and the way he shaped them into an intentional and world changing community.

How dare we settle for any less?

Pastor Mike

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