Butler United Methodist Church has a long history with an amazing journey to who we are today. In 1848 a group of christians met in Bloomingdale, NJ for the purpose of organizing a Methodist Episcopal Church. Yes we did say Bloomingdale, NJ. Back in those days Bulter and Bloomingdale was one town until West Bloomingdale was renamed Butler, NJ in 1881. The vision then of the church was to reach the people, of Stony Brook, Bloomingdale, Pompton, Newfoundland and other surrounding towns including West Milford, to be the traditional gathering place for people in fellowship. While this tradition still exists it has evolved over our 150+ year existence for us to remain relevant to our community.

Our church is guided by the principle of loving God & Loving People through:

Our Mission: Called by Jesus to feed people – Body and Soul

Our Vision: Being a community called by God’s love to grow in his knowledge and to share that love with our community and other extended communities.

Our Journey: To walk in the footsteps of Jesus by engaging in the issues of our community and the world.