No matter your stage in life, the best way to make a church a home is by getting involved.   Small Groups are one way for people to make deep connections and grow in faith.  We have many ways for people to build lasting friendships and stir the spirit within us.   We encourage challenging the assumptions, building each other up and spreading the love a spiritual family can provide.    

Learning opportunities

Bible Study – Throughout the year the Church offers a variety of small group studies.  Each centers around a theme for us to connect with God through different perspectives.   All of these studies connect us with different chapters of the bible.  All are welcome to be part of these studies.  Be on the lookout for the next bible study on the announcements page.

Hispanic bible study  – Each week the Hispanic ministry meet for prayer as well as for study. These groups meet on Thursday and Friday evenings. Check the events calendar for dates and times.

Men’s bible study – God never intended for Men to just show up.   He wanted all of his children to be in a relationship with his words.   Our Men’s group is here to help renew your hunger for the spirit of the living word.  Our men’s bible study meets every Friday morning at 6:00am.  All men are welcome to attend.   

Disciple study – Every few years the Pastor encourages us to read our bible from cover to cover.  In doing this you find at different points in your life the same passage you have read before has a different meaning to you today.   This Disciple study helps you read the bible and understand what you are reading.  It also encourages us as disciples to ask questions and challenges us to think about Jesus’ actions.  All are welcome to be part of this study.  Be on the lookout for the next Disciple study on the announcements page.

Historian Team – Ever want to know about the history of your church.   Our historian team is working on pulling together just that information.  This team will be going through our artifacts and information to gather a timeline history of who we are and why we are here.  Anyone is encouraged to be a part of this team.  Call the Church office for information.  

Fellowship Opportunities

Naomi Circle – Is our Women’s Group, ladies of all ages meet to experience the joy of giving and forming lifelong friendships.   Members of this circle come along side families by hosting a luncheon after the funeral service of their loved one as well as support other ministries of the church.   Women of all ages are welcome to join.  They meet on the 4th Monday of the month at 7:30pm.  

Lydia Circle – Women’s Groups provide grace and encouragement for every age and stage of life.  This Group was formed for our new Mothers who are experiencing the joy of raising little ones.  Here our mothers can share their experiences in confidence and know it is not just them having this experience.   We encourage new Mom’s to come along side each other and reactivate this circle.  Call the Church office for the next meeting date. 

Samaritan Visitor  –  Often times, the greatest difference we can make in our neighbor’s lives, is to give the gift of hospitality.  This group visits our members who find it difficult to explore the outside world.  They will go to their homes to talk and pray with them as they enjoy each other’s company.  All are welcome to be part of this group.  Reach out to the Church office for information.