This ministry seeks to connect those persons or organizations that might need a hand, with those willing to lend that helping hand.

Helping hands ministry hits closer to home.  This mission helps those who need a hand in our local community, counties, state, or nearby states that had an unexpected devastation.

Can you offer a HELPING HAND? 

This mission looks for one or multiple volunteers depending on the need at hand.  We will do small clean up jobs to larger more in-depth clean-ups after a natural disaster.  There is a job for anyone who would like to volunteer.

Sign up now to volunteer and Check Helping Hands as your area of interest.

Do you know of someone who could use a HELPING HAND? 

Participation in the Helping Hands program is open to anyone in the community.  We also work with other organizations to help those in other communities after natural disasters occur.  Butler United Methodist Church is here to lend a Helping Hand to anyone in need.  If you need help please call the church office, 973-838-2026.